Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get well soon Jemima

Sometimes the world can be a little difficult to figure, even for Dog Rock Gods like us. We got a call on the weekend from one of the world’s truly wonderful people, Libby, to let us know that the beautiful, cheeky, happy, gorgeous, marvellous little munckin Jemima had been through a most dreadful trauma. During the previous evening Jemima had started out a little on the quiet side then progressed to full on shaking and finally couldn’t move her back legs. All in very quick time.

Jemima and the Family Fabulous (and they truly are) all rush off to Sydney Uni vet hospital from where they are steered to the one at North Ryde where all sorts of specialists hover with scalpels and anaesthesia and surgeon outfits. These very important people find that this little tiny ball of love has four or five slipped discs and set about meticulously securing them back to her spine from which they never should have strayed.

The washup is that one of the absolute delights of our days is in hospital on happy drugs for the rest of the week and then will need at least eight weeks of restricted movement in a little cot. Not that we’re counting, but when you add the weekend before it happened and the week in hospital, that will be 68 days or, even worse, one thousand six hundred and thirty two hours without seeing Jemima and all of her wonderful entourage. We are very sad. As are many of our Critter Clubbers who have asked us to translate and convey their messages here:

Josie: Dear Jemima, I hope you get well soon. I miss sharing the front seat with you and I promise I will work hard to keep all the other ones from your spot.

Twiggy: Ouch. That’s bad. Miss you. Get back soon. Please. We need you in our group. Charlie is sad.

Buttons: White fluffies together!

Sadie: If you don’t hurry back who will I snuggle up to on the front seat? Think about it Jemima. It’s not always all about you.

Toast: Come on kid. Chin up. I’m just down the road if ya need anything.

Bebe: I know I always complained when you took my ball and I know this is where I should say I actually kinda liked it but I didn’t but I do really like you and I hope you feel very better soon.

Bello: Dear Jemima, you are one of the really nice ones. Please get well soon.

Spikey: Who’s going to beat me to the ball if you don’t? I like to chase it but I like it when you pick it up because I think it tastes a bit yukky.

Charlie: Dear Jemima. I should have said this a long time ago but I was scared. I know what I feel for you is unnatural. I know that. Boys are supposed to like boys like my dads and girls are supposed to like girls like the Dog Rock God and Dog Saint Meredith but I love YOU Jemima. I love you. And I miss you. And I would do anything to make you well. Love Charlie.

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