Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jemima returns - baby steps.

That most beautiful of little white fuffies, Jemima Puddleduck Morrison, has finally wobbled her way back into our Critter Club lives and we could not be more pleased. Actually we could be more pleased if she was 100% but that little determined fighter is well and truly on her way.

After four slipped discs and a stellar operation which left a scar the length of her baby back and major quarantine time she was initially allowed two personalised walks per week wherein her and the sycophantic Dog Rock God ambled and, dare we say, frolicked happily around various Eastern Suburbs disabled doggy hotspots. It was an odd kind of frolick as the Dog Rock God could do with being the new face of Jenny Craig, and the marvelous munchkin has been left with a paralysed left back leg which her impressive little brain is gradually working out how to make work the way it once did. But what a relief to have her back. We could do this forever.

Alas and alack, the time came when the DRG was simply not enough for the gorgeous girl. The Family Fabulous and the DRG were all well and good - but it was time to see her puppy friends!

Dogs are amazing creatures. We really don't get them as much as they get us. Without exception, every single one of them knew she had been through trauma, was weak, still injured, and approached her cautiously, gently. They sniffed, nuzzled, sat close but nothing even remotely rambunctious. Lovely.

She's still wobbling away on the lead. They still play and often run up to say hello. She occasionally makes an effort to play but is just as likely to ask to be picked up. And everyone is getting back to happy. Baby steps.

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